Geocal – derived from the word geotechnical.  A company comprised of dedicated stakeholders, with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service, working together to create practical engineering solutions to benefit our community. 

Geocal’s goal is simple – help others be successful, and we will be too. We want our clients to be successful, starting with a thorough understanding of their needs and goals, and what we can do to help them achieve them. Sometimes that means providing the right personnel on a construction site, but sometimes that means being a trusted advisor, listening to concerns, looking for an innovative way to solve a problem. We always strive to give our best, maintain our client’s trust, and provide superior quality and value.

We devote our attention to your project, and put our expertise and training to work for you.

Definition of a Stakeholder

Our company is led by individuals who believe you should manage things and lead people.  We believe in guiding and assisting our team, not just sitting back and telling them what to do.

We want our employees (Stakeholders) to be successful, which means providing an environment where they can grow and learn. We encourage training and certifications to ensure that our employees are continually learning, and providing good value to our clients. We look to hire individuals who share our values, who believe in helping others, who aren’t afraid to ask why, and look for new and better ways of accomplishing things.

Definition of a Stakeholder – someone who believes he/she has a stake in the success of the company. He/she thinks like an owner, is self-motivated, takes initiative, makes decisions, takes responsibility, finds creative solutions to problems, and wants to do meaningful work. A stakeholder gets satisfaction from contributing, helping others, and providing value. Stakeholders take pride in a job well done.

If you are interested in joining our team, please see our Careers page.

Our Key Personnel

Gregory Perzinski

Vice President/Operations Manager

Greg has 18 years of experience in construction materials testing and observation, project management, project estimating, client management, and technician supervision. Projects include transportation, commercial/institutional buildings, commercial and residential land development, DOT, and local agency projects in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Idaho. Responsibilities include supervision of field technicians, coordination of management, inspection, testing services, materials documentation review, as well as field/laboratory testing of concrete, asphalt, soils and aggregates for use in construction. Greg is proficient with pavement construction and inspection, subgrade stabilization, foundation construction (footings, caissons, piles), retaining wall, and inspection of reinforcing steel and masonry unit installation.

Greg is currently Geocal’s Vice President and Operations Manager for Construction Services which includes checking documentation, acting as head tester for the firm, and providing guidance for local agency projects.

In April of 2015, Greg assumed the role of Vice President of Geocal and began expanding our service lines to include Construction Management and Inspection.

Nur Hossain, Ph.D., P.E.


Nur has over 12 years of experience in geotechnical engineering that includes high-level engineering, client service, and team leadership for geotechnical design. His technical experience includes the design of pavements for both roadway and airport runways, earth retention systems of various types, foundations, walls of various types, settlement analyses, deep and shallow foundations, ground improvement, and slope stability/stabilization. Nur has experience with FWD, dilatometer, refraction microtremor, cone penetration, and specialized instrumentation and analyses for rock and soil slope stability, and retaining wall global stability. Nur’s PhD dissertation was on Mechanistic Empirical design for pavements, and he has published numerous research papers and conference proceedings on the use of ME design and sensitivity of the design parameters.

Currently Nur is managing the day to day operations of Geocal and is also acting as the Principal Engineer for the company.

A team of engineers, geologists and technicians assist Nur in managing the responsibilities. Nur attends the project meetings with clients, oversees the field and laboratory works for the projects, helps in the engineering analyses, and reviews the reports prior to delivering those to the client. He also makes sure the reports are following guidelines acceptable by best engineering practices and latest specifications. This allows Nur to control the quality of deliverables.

Nur is involved in the hiring and/or staff dismissal process of Geocal as well. Nur’s other responsibilities include keeping track of company’s financials, monitor the Key Performance Indicators, and take necessary actions related to business management, including the control of overhead expenses.

Ronald J. Vasquez, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Ron is a Senior Engineer with over 40 years of technical experience in Geotechnical Engineering and Construction QA/QC for transportation related projects. His experience includes both design and construction for deep and shallow foundations, retaining walls of various types, ground stabilization and embankments. He specializes in soil/structure interaction, stress & settlement analyses, performance criteria for pavements, buried structures, seepage, and drainage.

Ron has several years’ experience working on geotechnical issues along the Front Range as well as in the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado including Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Eagle Valley, Vail, Beaver Creek, Edwards and Berry Creek. Ron addressed infrastructure projects along the Front Range as well as projects for ski areas, and commercial buildings in geologic hazard areas including debris flow potential, slope stability, sinkholes, hydro-compaction, and construction in large boulder environments.