Geocal is a mid-sized Colorado-based engineering firm that has a “mom-and-pop shop” atmosphere but operates with large-company project delivery systems and processes. Each project we work on is not just another paycheck to our staff. We enjoy the work we do and it shows in the pride we take in our work. We use this passion to bring all members of a project team together into one cohesive unit because we believe each of us brings a valuable viewpoint and role to the table and we all play a part in our shared goal of a successful project.

Our company is led by individuals who believe you should manage things and lead people which is built on our trust in our staff.  We aim for our clients to also trust in our staff and in our services by taking ownership of the project, self-motivating, and being reliable for accurate and expedient results. This mode of operating is second nature to our staff because Geocal promotes a Stakeholder Mentality. This concept makes a distinction between being employed and being engaged that results in Geocal having people who believe they have a stake in the success of the company and our client’s projects.

Geocal’s belief is that our Stakeholders are the backbone of the company and that their success directly translates to success for our clients and their projects. By reinvesting profit back into our Stakeholders in the form of financing their pursuit of knowledge (certifications, training, licenses), we are able to exceed typical qualifications and expectations!

Definition of a Stakeholder

A Geocal Stakeholder is someone who believes they have a stake in the success of the company; they think like an owner. They take ownership of the project to which they are assigned, are self-motivated, take initiative, and can make decisions. A Stakeholder wants to do meaningful work and find creative solutions to problems. They get satisfaction from providing value to their team and take pride in a job well done.

We want our Stakeholders to be successful, which means providing an environment where they can grow and learn. We encourage training and certifications to ensure that our employees are continuously learning and providing good value to our clients. We look to hire individuals who share our values, who believe in helping others, who aren’t afraid to ask why, and look for new and better ways of accomplishing things

If you are a driven individual looking for not just work but meaning, please see our Careers page to Join Our Team!

Geocal’s Leadership

Nur Hossain, Ph.D., P.E.


Nur has been providing his expertise in geotechnical engineering to transportation and infrastructure design and construction projects since 2007. His experience includes high-level engineering, client service, and team leadership for geotechnical design. With a PhD dissertation on Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design, Nur is a nationally recognized pavement expert and has several published journal papers and conference proceedings. Nur believes in efficient project performance and quality delivery that exceeds our client’s expectations and satisfies long-term goals to make best use of the tax-payer’s dollar. As our Principal Engineer, Nur drives the professional development of Geocal’s technical staff so that they are capable of providing practical engineering solutions and being reliable resources for our clients.

Gregory Perzinski

Vice President/Operations Manager

Since 2000, Greg progressively worked his way from a materials tester to inspector to running multi-million-dollar projects as a construction manager, all culminating in his earning his role as Geocal’s Vice President. As the Operations Manager, he regularly draws from his decades of diverse and relevant experience as he leads Geocal’s Construction Services team and handles contract administration for both state and local agency construction projects. By having a highly trained staff that he can trust will deliver on a job, he can focus his engagement on projects at leveraging previously unidentified efficiencies, increasing quality, and promoting safety. Each decision Greg makes has the ultimate intention of making good use of funds available on a project and completing the long-term goals of the project and client. Greg has a passion for advancing our Stakeholder’s technical knowledge and capabilities so that they are prepared to meet the increasing demands of infrastructure projects and can positively contribute to their communities.