Flood Repairs Larimer County

Geocal was one of the first consultants to mobilize staff within a few days of the historic flooding in 2013, to provide field engineering and construction management on behalf of CDOT for SH 74. We assisted with the day-to-day operations of the CDOT team, including evaluating the daily detailed damage inspection reports, calculating the actual quantities, categorizing the information on detailed spreadsheets, and reporting the information directly to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

On the Larimer County Road 29 project, Geocal’s scope of work included roadway design and hydraulic design; incorporated wall architecture into the plans. Geocal conducted a subsurface investigation and provided the recommendations for the bridge foundation and the pavement design parameters for the new roadway and approaches.

Our staff helped quantify the materials going into the emergency repair, documented the efforts of the contractors and provided the necessary support after devastating flooding to re-open both SH74 and Larimer County Rd 29 to the public.